Kerastase Nectar Thermique Nourishing Milk

July 30, 2015

I never considered investing in expensive hair care until I learned what disaster means. When my hair got dry and coarse as a result of excessive dyeing, I knew changes had to be made. I don't agree with using only products from a specific range, instead I think that mixing different products can have its benefits. Again, I don't invest in expensive shampoos, conditioners or masks, but having a great product that acts like a leave in conditioner is a must.

As you may have noticed, I spoke a little about this product in a few different posts, but never did a full proper review. In fact, I don't think I speak about it as much as I should, considering how much it has done for my hair. This is actually a heat protectant and although I stopped using any source of heat on my hair for months now, I still use this after very wash as a leave in conditioner.

Right after I opened the tube for the first time, I noticed the classic and fresh smell of it. I love the way this smells but then it was exactly what I expected from a Kerastase product. The application is a dream, since the texture is not watery as I expected, instead it's creamy and thick but lightweight at the same time. It feels like nothing's been applied on the hair.  As far as results go, I didn't notice instant results though. My hair got shinier and silkier as the time passed by, that suggests this indeed has beneficial ingredients. It keeps my ends in good condition also and this is the reason why I didn't have any split ends for months now.

I apply it rigorously from near the roots to the ends after every wash. Not only my hair is shinier, but my natural curls were also revived and my hair is easier to manage. I can honestly say this product is a good investment and this is a bold statement for me. Due to the fact that this provides a great amount of moisture for dry hair, it's only understandable why my hair looks better and better. I am truly smitten by its effects and I can see myself in the foreseeable future using it.

Have a great day!

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